Osteoporosis Research

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  OsNET is a nonprofit Clinical Research Network of over twenty Research Centers located throughout sixteen states, providing a geographically diverse and unique blend of both Freestanding and Academic sites.

We are not a SMO or Broker... & Ray Hovland simply acts as our start-up liaison employee.

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/ray-hovland/13/566/b14

The Sponsor or CRO continues to contract directly with each separate Principal Investigator.

OsNET includes experienced research professionals in Rheumatology, Endocrinology, OBGyn,Cardiology, Neurology, Family Practice, Pulmonary Disease and Internal Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery.

Over-enrollment and clean data are our bedrock... indeed one OsNET Investigator has survived six FDA audits with zero citations!

In various Osteoarthritis, Pain, Diabetes, and Contraception trials we have had top National enrollers.

In a recent Rheumatoid Arthritis trial, OsNET had 17% of the active sites but 41% of the enrolled patients.

In three major and recent Osteoporosis trials ...OsNET thought leaders had the following results:

We averaged 30% of active sites … with 45% of enrolled patients in the first two studies &
Eight Members were in the top twenty-two for randomized patients in the third.

When you look at 60 difficult trials, where many sites have only zero or one patient enrolled, (your most expensive sites) OsNET Members have had these actual #s from newsletters of:  944%, 822%, 683%, 513%505%, 475% & 406%, 386%, 380% & 310% with a low of 113% versus other sites ... (not vs. contract) ... as reported by a major CRO.

OsNET Investigators average over 20 years clinical research experience

Christopher Alftine, Medford OR * John Aloia, Mineola NY * Eugene Andruczyk, Philadelphia PA * Michael Bolognese, Bethesda MD * Steven Carsons, Mineola NY * Clark Cullen, Medford OR, Robert Downs, Richmond VA * Charles Fogarty, Spartanburg SC * Geoffrey Gladstein, Trumbull CT * Alan Kivitz, Duncansville PA * Michael Lewiecki, Albuquerque NM * Mike Maricic Tucson AZ * Alfred Moffett, Leesburg FL * Fred Murphy, Duncansville PA * Susan Nattrass, Seattle WA * Peninsula Research * Lance Rudolph, Albuquerque NM * Joy Schechtman, Peoria AZ * William Shergy, Huntsville AL * Nebojsa Skrepnik, Tucson AZ (Orthopedic Group) * Ronald Surowitz, Jupiter FL * VCU * Richard Weinstein & Leonard Chuck et al.  Walnut Creek CA (Orthopedic Group) * Winthrop Hospital

Ray Hovland * V.P. Copr. Dev * PH: 321-773-7119 * FAX: 866-828-6892

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